"I went to Nana for treatment at a time when my life was not only in great transition but being turned upside down by traumatic personal issues. Her insight and compassion made me feel better before one needle was inserted. Her treatments are powerful in their effect. I felt like an immense emotional weight was lifted while at the same time feeling more rooted or grounded. She is a practitioner who has the combination of deft clinical skill and techqnie whil also possessing a compassionate sense of what is really going on at the level of the heart/spirit. I cannot recommend her enough."



"I've been getting treatments from Nana for the past month. She really helped me with my stress and restlessness. The second she pops those needles in, I'm out like a light! I've had acupuncture from others before and no one makes me fall asleep so quickly. Her caring nature and down to earth personality makes you feel comfortable and safe. Highly recommend her for anyone dealing with the stress that comes with New York!"


"After getting acupuncture from many different practitioners over the last 10 years, I can honestly say that Nana is one of the best. She was able to address chronic issues that no one else was able to help me with. Since beginning my treatments with her over a year ago, I have noticed a profound shift in ny health and mental well-being. She makes you feel completely safe, comfortable and cared for. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing or simply to relax and rejuvenate."